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The Big Scam by Global Golf Connections

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Global Golf Connections scam

The Global Golf Connections scam theory is that many people simply don´t understand the best way to use timeshare. The team at GGC believe, many victims of timeshare scams and fraud first experience the dark devious operation of timeshare companies in Mexico in Playa Del Carmen, Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. Global Golf Connections reports that timeshare scams are nothing new and especially not endemic to Mexico alone. In fact Florida just passed the Timeshare Resale Accountability Act to try and remedy the rise in timeshare scams throughout the State. Colorado has also amended legislation to address the problem that timeshare scams and fraud present to their tourism industry.

Global Golf Connections thinks that It is strange that even though the fraudulent industry of timeshare scamming is flourishing in the U.S.A, that Mexico seems to be the center focus of negative media. The timeshare scam situation in Mexico is nothing compared to whirlwind timeshare fraud problem that is currently circulating out of control in the U.S.A.

Timeshare Scam Scare Tactics

Global Golf Connections has been working in the timeshare industry for over 10 years and we understand that timeshare scams are very real, in fact we even created an entire website dedicated to timeshare scams. Though many in the Mexican tourism industry can´t help but feel that scare tactics are in play regarding timeshare scams throughout Mexico.

Global Golf Connections believes that addressing the problem of fraud within the industry is best done in a professional manner, by directly confronting those involved and helping victims of scams salvage what they can from the wreckage of their vacation. Though many people seem to not agree with this approach and prefer to spam the internet and forum with often inaccurate information about timeshare scams, this is not how Global Golf Connections operates.

The global economies connection to the drop off in tourism is not the only problem that the Mexican tourism industry has to contend with. There is also the major publicized drug problem that has been sensationalized by the American media in order to bottle neck the steady flow of tourists into Mexico and of course the financial buffering that they provide economically.” Global Golf Connections, CEO

The global crisis combined with the “War on drugs” and now the wide spread talk of timeshare scams is having a huge negative impact on the tourism trade here in Mexico.

The Global Golf Connections team has been operating and dealing with timeshare for over ten years in Playa Del Carmen. There are many reputable timeshare companies based in Mexico and Global Golf Connections alone has produced thousands of satisfied customers over the last decade.

The Big Scam

The big timeshare scam as far as Global Golf Connections and other reputable companies in Mexico are concerned is the sensationalizing of timeshare scams. Countries that wish to exacerbate the idea of timeshare fraud and proliferate the notion that it is rife within Mexico are only further harming the tourism industry of Mexico, not to mention highlighting their own hypocrisy by not focusing on the existence of fraud within their own timeshare industry.

Global Golf Connections not only others information on buying and renting timeshare in Mexico, Global Golf Connections also others advice on how to avoid and deal with timeshare scams and fraud.


Global Golf Connections Helps Scam Victims

Global Golf Connections

Helping Timeshare Scam Victims

Global Golf Connections

Global Golf Connections helps timeshare scam victims get their money back or out of misleading/fraudulent contracts signed in high pressure sales presentations. Many tourists who travel to Playa Del Carmen stay at high quality hotels like the Grand Mayan Palace, But a lot of people away on vacation are unaware that hotels throughout Mexico have been infiltrated by fraudulent timeshare companies.

Our posts here at Global Golf Connections use the words timeshare scam, fraud, fraudulent and rip off regularly to describe activities that take place here in Mexico. We would rather use other positive words to describe the timeshare experiences of the unlucky few out of the millions of people who visit Mexico every year.

The reason why some people are falling into the fraudulent timeshare scam trap has been explained by Global Golf Connections many times over. People simply don´t make good decisions under pressure and that is the reason that timeshare scamming companies employ the use of high pressure sales presentations in order to achieve their desired outcome.

Global Golf Connections believes that high pressured timeshare sales presentations are the oldest trick in the book. Many things have changed in the world of “bad practice” sales techniques but out of the many variables there still remains one constant, the high pressured sale presentation. The reason for the success of this invaluable sales tool is what Global Golf Connections previously stated, that people do not work well under pressure.


Global Golf Connections is not talking about the popular Peter Pan movie with Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts, though it is a worth a mention in general conversation. At Global Golf Connections we use the word Hook to describe the object, attraction or excursion that timeshare scam personnel dangle in front of vacationers in order to entice them to wander willing and blissfully unaware into the timeshare high pressured sales presentation.

Timeshare companies that operate under a fraudulent umbrella in order to deceive potential buyers into thickening their immense revenue stream, employ their staff on a commission basis. Commission based employment is basically a incentivized reward system, and incentivization is a power concept, which promotes aggressive competition and constant innovation in order to out do the competition.

Here at the HQ of Global Golf Connections we like to describe timeshare scam companies as cannibalistic counterparts, who work together under the guise of teamwork but who will eat one another in order to stay atop of the heap. The fact that timeshare companies pay their employees on commission is exactly what makes their personnel so aggressive, aggressive enough to move their campaign to the airport. Vacationers who arrive at the airport can expect to encounter the first phase, the “Hook” phase of the timeshare scam experience.

“While clearing customs and collecting their luggage, vacationers have absolutely no idea that they are about to be met be a wave timeshare scam minions” Global Golf Connections, CEO

Dressed in clean and pressed white hotel uniforms complete with name badges. The wave of timeshare scammers engulf tourists as they are leaving the airport and offer vacationers free gifts such as a jet ski ride, scuba dives or a free gourmet breakfast at a 5 star resort.

Global Golf Connections has learnt that once the victim agrees to receive their free gift, their personal information is then taken down to see if it meets the criteria for the timeshare presentation. Generally two major credit cards are required along with an address which indicates that you are living outside Mexico, and finally you have to earn over a certain amount every year. Most victims generally love this part of the timeshare scam experience, they are on their way to receiving a free gift plus they are meeting the criteria of only the most financially elite vacationers. Everything is focused towards massaging their ego.


Once you arrive at the timeshare presentation the ego massaging is still well underway. Global Golf Connections knows that timeshare scam presentations like to provide a basic breakfast for their potential victims then take them to the office where the high pressure sales pitch gets going.

The timeshare pitch is basically along the lines that a timeshare is an investment that will make you large amounts of money quickly through renting your weeks at inflated rates. It all sounds very convincing and if after an hour or two of figures, calculators, free alcohol, smiling and laughing isn’t enough to get you to agree to signing the timeshare contract, well then its time for a change of action

The team at Global Golf Connections has collected timeshare scam complaints and reports about the high pressure and sometimes aggressive behaviour exhibited at sales presentations.


Global Golf Connections reviewed detailed timeshare scam complaints that repeated the same story over and over again. Once victims have not signed timeshare contracts, there free gift suddenly disappears into thin air and they are instead met with an aggressive sales pitch. Often sales representatives will accuse you of wasting their time or by trying to openly humiliate you in front others, why informing people that you do not have the financially capability to purchase a timeshare and that you just came for the free breakfast and gift.

Many people have been forced into signing timeshare contracts based upon this aggressive and often humiliating style of sales presentation. Only to return home and see that their suspicions have been confirmed and that they have fallen victim to a timeshare scam while holidaying in Mexico’s popular tourist destinations.

Here at Global Golf Connections we do not approve of sales presentations designed to scam people into purchasing timeshare and feel obligated to inform the rest of tourism industry about these dangers.

By Global Golf Connections

Complaints – Global Golf Connections

 Complaints by Global Golf Connections


A Day in the Life

global golf connections scam

Global Golf Connection Timeshare Scam Protection team generally spend the day reviewing complaints about fraudulent activities that have ripped people off. There are a lot of E-mails coming into our offices daily, about hotels and resorts throughout Playa Del Carmen and Cancun who´s Trip Advisor or Virtual Tourist review won´t be the best one in the world. In fact the majority of complaints that we review at the Global Golf Connections office are from some very pissed consumers, very peeved indeed.

Review Scam Complaints

That’s why here at Global Golf Connections we review timeshare scam complaints, and review, and review, because in order to do our job we need information. We need information about what hotels and resorts are informing their customers that the five day rescission period is not valid, or that this particular timeshare is a great investment that you can rent out during your free weeks. What are the names of the people involved in the timeshare scam, what they looked like and what did they promise. This is the kind of information that Global Golf Connections need in order to review timeshare complaints and take action.

Investigating timeshare scam reports and complaints

The other half of day we spend investigating, we put on our Sherlock Holmes hat and investigate, old school style. After reviewing a bunch of timeshare scam complaints from pissed consumers, have develop targets, hotels that have been potentially infiltrated by scam timeshare companies. Here at Global Golf Connections we don´t blame the hotels because it is not their fault that timeshare scam companies have infiltrated their walls and set-up shop. So what we have to do is establish whether or not the timeshare company that is operating inside this hotel is a scam timeshare company or an honest timeshare company like us here at Global Golf Connections.

Global Golf Connections Scam Timeshare Scam Companies

Global Golf Connections scam timeshare scam companies, its a taste of their own medicine. This is where the job of fighting fraud and cleaning up the tourism industry gets interesting, very interesting. So thanks to reviewing hundreds of complaints we have already formulated a pattern and selected the biggest potential offenders to investigate. Now we just have to make contact which is actually harder than it sounds. Most fraudulent timeshare scammers are a little hesitant to answer questions through E-mail or over the telephone, as they prefer recruiting their victims off of the street at the popular tourist destinations. So generally it takes a little time to infiltrate these companies, though we have our methods that we won´t disclose but it is certainly effective. Once we have infiltrated a timeshare company and exposed its true nature, there are three things that Global Golf Connections can do to halt the timeshare scam company from doing what it does best:

  1. The Global Golf Connections Anti Scam Unit will review all timeshare scam complaints and compile a brief that we will then send to the governing body of real estate here in Mexico
  2. Global Golf Connections will determine what hotel that the timeshare company is operating from an add it to our Hotel Black List that we shall be releasing shortly
  3. Using our two websites and we will write an article detailing the method of timeshare scam that the company in question is utilizing
  4. Place a general warning on our two websites, warning vacationers about the dangers of this timeshare scam
  5. Contact the C.E.O. of the timeshare scam company detailing the actions that we will take against them in an attempt to sufficiently posture enough so that they change locations.

If you have any information that can help the Global Golf Connection effort to warn people and aid victims of timeshare scams and fraud please contact us.


Scam warning by Global Golf Connection

Global Golf Connections
Timeshare Scam Prevention

global golf connections

Global Golf Connections is reviewing timeshare complaints on issues such as fraud and scams is what Global Golf Connections does on a daily basis to help warn and protect consumers from the dangers of fraudulent practices.

Global Golf Connections timeshare scam prevention team understand that traveling is supposed to be fun. When you have a great vacation, the memories will stay with you forever. Timeshare scams and fraud can stain those memories forever, hence the creation of Global Golf Connections Timeshare Scam Prevention Team.

Global Golf Connections Scam Prevention Team knows that one of the fastest ways to ruin a vacation before you arrive at the hotel or resort is to lose your luggage. Airlines are famous for doing this, but there are other ways that scam artists are able to get people’s luggage and the belongings that are inside of it.

Cab drivers will be happy to pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel. They will put your luggage at in the trunk. When you arrive at the hotel, they will start to rush you along. They will say they need to go back and pick someone else in a hurry. They take your luggage out of the trunk and speed of. It is not until later that you realize you are missing some of your luggage.

Global Golf Connections timeshare scam prevention team says that distraction is the scam artist’s best tool. The best way to avoid these scams and problems is to slow things down. Do not worry about whether the taxi driver is in a hurry. Make sure that you collect all of your belongings and don’t forget to get the change for your cab ride. It will keep your vacation on the right path.

The Evolution of scams

Global Golf Connections thinks that tourists make tempting targets for scams and con men in all parts of the world though some travel scams are linked to specific places but others could happen anywhere. So being on alert of the possible scams that you may encounter is a healthy attitude while traveling reminds the Global Golf Connections Timeshare Scam Prevention Team. Victims are so unnerved in these situations that they end paying whatever they can afford to get free of such scams.

Global Golf Connections Timeshare Prevention Team knows that iPad s, iPhone’s, Android devices and Blackberries have helped con artists and fraudsters communicate easily and target vulnerable tourists.  There are taxi scams, money making scams, passport scams you name it and you will never get a second chance. Though statistics are hard to come by as reported rip offs are usually distinguished as travel scams because of the money involved is small. This is why the victims feel reluctant to report the incidents because of embarrassment or feel that filing a police report is not worth the effort.

The Global Golf Connections Timeshare Scam Prevention Team recently acknowledged the prevalence of fraudulent activity in major resorts and high tourism areas. There is nothing that hotels can do to prevent scammers from accessing major resorts and high tourism activities.

Global Golf Connections Timeshare Scam Prevention Team says that the more information you have, the less likely you are to become a victim of the next scam. There are several types of con artists, and not one of them will look like a common thief.   Here are the common descriptions of several types of con artists you will run into while traveling in Mexico:

  • Travel Agents offering comprehensive services
  • Time Share Representatives
  • Front Desk personnel calling on the telephone
  • Citizens asking for directions or assistance
  • Rental car agents

Global Golf Connections Timeshare Scam Prevention Team understand that many of these agents are legitimate businessmen and women offering their services especially with reputable institutions.  As usual Global Golf Connections is committed to providing vacationers with advice and information to avoid timeshare scams, taxi scams, passport scams and various types of fraud. To learn more about timeshare scams and Villa Del Palmar fight against timeshare scam, contact Global Golf Connections Timeshare Scam Prevention Team

Timeshare Scam Marketing

                                      Timeshare Scam Marketing

global golf connections scam

Face-to-Face Scams

Global Golf Connections knows timeshare scam companies base their marketing strategies on face-to-face encounters. Fraudulent companies cannot market themselves online as the sheer volume of complaints and bad reviews that they receive are overwhelming. Therefore Global Golf Connections believes their best chance of closing a fraudulent timeshare sale is through personal contact.

Global Golf Connections believes that the rescission period in Mexico does not give vacationers much time to back out of a contract and this is exactly what timeshare scam companies want. The amount of hotels in Mexico is astounding, and timeshare scam companies have a huge range of potential targets to infiltrate, set-up shop and start ripping off tourists.

Timeshare scam companies can constantly change names and addresses, as there will always be a steady flow of potential victims for them to scam” Global Golf Connections, CEO

This is the exact reason why Global Golf Connections took the decision to create Global Golf Connections Scam Protection Service to investigate complaints that could indicate a timeshare scam company is in operation.

According to Global Golf Connections timeshare scam businesses in Mexico operate through the hotels and popular all-inclusive resorts. The fact that timeshare scam companies do not advertise over the internet gives them a certain amount of anonymity which is sufficient enough for timeshare scam companies to fly under the radar until the five day rescission  period has passed. Global Golf Connections also suspects that certain American banks are involved or at least profiting somehow from allowing  large amounts of operating space for timeshare companies. Global Golf Connections has always questioned why timeshare scam companies, successfully ask for a large line of credit up to $20,000 USD from vacationers banks back home. According to Global Golf Connections scams and fraud in Mexico connect back to the US.

Investigating American banks for timeshare scam and fraud dealings seems a little bit bigger than Global Golf Connections. Though we shall do our best to keep you updated on our findings.

Global Golf Connections Latest Scam Tactic

Urgent Timeshare Scam Warning

Global Golf Connections


Please review Global Golf Connections latest urgent release about timeshare scams. The new information is a warning to help vacationers in Mexico to not get scammed by the latest fraudulent tactic being used by timeshare scam companies. Global Golf Connections believes that it is important to stay informed about timeshare fraud and scams that are in operation in all inclusive resorts.

The latest scam, Global Golf Connections has received complaints about is new a scam using the internet. It is used by fraudulent timeshare companies to contact vacationers before they arrive at the hotel or resort. The timeshare scam victim is contacted by phone but usually by E-mail. Timeshare scam businesses are attempting to rip off vacationers by contacting them prior to their vacation and informing them that they have been selected randomly and are eligible for a free gift.

Mass infiltration

Global Golf Connections Scam Unit reports that many fraudulent timeshare companies have infiltrated popular resorts along the Mexican coast lines and have access to unlimited consumer information. Using this unlimited personal information many of these companies contact vacationers before they have even left their home countries with the lure of a potential free gift. The Globlal Golf Connections Scam Unit reports that, the gift that is usually offered to tourists ranges from a free breakfast at a five star resort, free water sports or access to the utilities of a five star resort normally including the gym. The gift though is merely a guise to a darker agenda which is to trap tourists in a long and draw out timeshare presentations ranging from 4 to sometimes 6 hours. Global Golf Connections warns that timeshare presentation is normally billed as a 90 minute talk about timeshare and what great investments they are but in fact it is a 90 minute timeshare scam presentation, featuring high pressure sales tactics including, humiliation and sometimes even aggression.

Global Golf Connections Scam Unit uncovered information  that the phone scam was the trending scam after the popular airport scam. Many tourists have been contacted by timeshare scammers posing as the manager of their all inclusive resorts. The scam has been quite successful based on the fact that their name, address and dates of their vacation can be quoted by con artist which lures the victim into a false sense of security and trust.  According to Global Golf Connections, once the victim has fallen into the web and agreed to collect or receive their free gift or activity, everything is arrange from a shuttle that will collect them from their resort and bring them to an already infiltrated resort for the surprise timeshare presentation scam. Global Golf Connections Scam Unit reports that once at the alternative resort the free gift is rarely obtained and the day turns into a full on aggressive sales pitch. Escaping the timeshare scam is quite difficult  as the shuttle that returns the victim to their hotel does not return until 5 hours after the drop off and catching a taxi is an expensive task not mention its incredibly difficult to locate a taxi on a high way.


Global Golf Connections Scam Unit has received many reports and complaints from vacationers who have been trapped by the scam and have needed legal advice to void contracts that they were tricked into signing. Its frightening to think that popular all inclusive resorts have indeed been infiltrated by fraudulent timeshare companies intend on ripping off tourists through the means of timeshare scams, but it is the scary truth that predators may be lying in wait for you during your vacation. Global Golf Connections would like to point out that these are not real predators who actually want to eat you but predators in the financial Timeshare scammers are trained professionals who do it for a living and have perhaps made their living scamming tourists for many years, they know every trick in the book and exactly just what to say to get you to commit to signing a contract.

For more information on timeshare scams or legal advice please contact Global Golf Connections to learn more about how yo protect yourself.


Global Golf Connections – Avoid the taxi scam rip off

Avoid the taxi scams and bad food that ruin vacations


Those vacation variables that can make or break your timeshare experience, learn to avoid timeshare scams, find the great golf, take in sun at the best beaches, dine in the finest restaurants and party in the coolest clubs that Cancun and Playa Del Carmen has to offer… sounds like something that you want to do then read on.

Playa Del Carmen how to get there by Global Golf Connections

If you read the last Global Golf Connections article about customer service and why don´t more timeshare companies prioritize customer service then you are familiar with vacation variables. Vacation variables are those little intricate weaves of material that make up the fabric of your timeshare or vacation experience which you cannot control. If you have recently purchased a timeshare then congratulations to you and for all the years that you and your family can spend together building memories that will last a life time. So you have done the hardest part and bought a timeshare or paid for a vacation now it should be all smooth sailing from here right… Now you need to take a shuttle or taxi from the airport and avoid getting ripped off and extra $10 or $20 which is never a great way to start a vacation by getting scammed by a taxi driver. So for a decent shuttle service that isnt going to rip you off try or simply take the ADO which is only like $8 dollars and will get you to Playa Del Carmen in 1 hour under the cool presence of air conditioning.  You can buy tickets for the ADO outside the terminal from the ADO stand they should cost $130 pesos which is around $8 or $9 and if you prefer taking a shuttle then make sure book 24 hours in advance through a reputable company.

10 activities in Playa Del Carmen by Global Golf Connections

  1. If you are just vacationing in Playa Del Carmen then the first thing you need to do is avoid timeshare scams as there are a lot of scam companies offering free gifts and breakfast to sit through a 90 minute (5 hours in reality) timeshare presentation.
  2. For a great found of golf on the famous golf courses of Playa Del Carmen visit Golf Club Playcar and Spa and drop the non golfing family members off at the Spa.
  3. You can´t visit Mexico without diving and especially if you arrive during December to February you will be lucky enough to dive with majestic pregnant female bull sharks which is an absolutely fantastic experience. Visit on calle 2 next to the beach.
  4. For a beach front view and authentic Mexican cuisine in the presence of a fire show make sure you go to Fusion hotel and restaurant on calle 6 and the beach, great food and great entertainment.
  5. The best burger in Playa Del Carmen can be a heated debate amongst the restaurants but in our opinion its Vagabondos on 5th avenue between calle 24 and calle 26, fantastically delicious burger with fries and beer for $90 ($8 dollars) pesos during promotions.
  6. More great diving, then head to Cozumel (I know its not technically in Playa) but its such a great diving and snorkeling location I had to add it to the list.
  7. Day bars, when it comes to drinking in the day time which you can only do on vacations or during a working lunch you either have Fusion calle 6 and the beach or calle 4 on the beach there are two bars literally on the beach you can choose from.
  8. Party beach, if partying during the daytime on the white sands of Mexico next to the Caribbean ocean then head to Mamitas beach on calle 28.
  9. Most beautiful beach, the most beautiful beaches in the Yucatan can be found in Tulum but if you don´t want to travel that far then head to the beach at fase 1 in Playcar, its the cleanest and quietest beach and especially beautiful during a full moon.
  10. Clubs and Bars, to appreciate the night life of Playa Del Carmen you have to head out around 11pm and go down to calle 12 (12th street) towards the beach. Mandala is the newest club and features three floors and great music, the general price for a beer is $50 peso so around $4 American. Coco Mayan is the local joint and full of Latina soul and music and worth a look, generally once your on 12th street your surrounded by bars and clubs and bound to have a great night.

Make sure you follow the Global Golf Connections guide to avoid the taxi rip off and timeshare scams and make the most out of your time in beautiful Playa Del Carmen and turn those vacational variables in your favour. For those vacationers who walk down 5th avenue and say “I could live here”… well Global Golf Connections has the next best thing, buy or rent a timeshare and the way to do it is through Global Golf Connections

Global Golf Connections

global golf connections, don´t get scam urgent warning scammed ripped off complaints

Complaints Board

Complaints Board


Global Golf Connections complaints board has received complaints about new strategies being employed by timeshare scam companies. The Global Golf Connections Anti-Scam-Unit investigated complaints from tourists in popular Mexican vacations spots such as Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. The Anti-Scam-Unit uncovered a new ploy being implemented by timeshare scam companies to rip off tourists. Popular Mexican resorts and hotels in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen have been infiltrated by timeshare scam companies. These fraudulent companies have set up shop in popular beach resorts around Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Playcar, operating under the guise of other well known and reliable timeshare company names. The hotels cannot stop fraudulent timeshare companies from entering their resorts and operating under a false name. The best that resorts can do is offer tourists the information needed to fight back against scams and prevent timeshare scams from ruining their vacation.

The Global Golf Connections Complaints Board will publish regular information about timeshare scams and complaints about timeshare misrepresentations from vacationers


Why Timeshare Scams Happen

Timeshare Scams and Why they Happen

global golf connections

Mexico sees over 23 million tourists every year making it the 10th most popular tourist destination on the planet. The main tourist zones are split between Los Cabos, La Paz, Mexico City, Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. The majority or reported timeshare scam complaints originate from Los Cabos, La Paz, Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. The most popular tourist zones with an ocean view are also the most popular destinations for timeshare. Timeshare is a very lucrative business especially in a country as beautiful as Mexico and timeshare scams is a equally lucrative business ergo its popularity within popular tourist zones.  For timeshare scammers business is booming even despite the multible warnings issued by Global Golf Connections and other concerned parties. It simply appears that vacationers in Mexico fail to take heed to such warnings or simply appear to be ignoring them.

Timeshare fraud and scamming appear to be so prevelent in Mexico for many reasons.

  1. The average salary in Mexico is significantly lower compared to Canada, US, UK, Australia and most of Europe
  2. Tourists on vacation often romantaize situations and lower their guard making them more suseptable to timeshare scams
  3. Timeshare scammers use many tools to their advantage such as misrepresentation of real estate law and misinformation about contracts
  4. Most timeshare scam companies have infiltrated popular resorts and hotels which helps give them credability
  5. Due to vacationers lack of understand Mexican Timeshare Law, vacationers do not realize they have a five day recission period
  6. Though according to Mexican law it is illegal, timeshare scammers offer tourists free gifts to attend timeshare presentations
  7. Timeshare scam companies financially incentize their staff to keep them highly motivated
  8. Timeshare Scam companies often employ natives from the US and Canada to lure vacationers into a false sense of security
  9. The lure of free water sports and breakfast is too much for vacations to resist a timeshare presentation
  10. Timeshare scammers are well versed in the mechanisms neccessary to close a sale

Timeshare scams are a reality in Mexico a real risk that all vacationers have to learn how to avoid. Timeshare is a great industry that allows millions of families to spend precious time together and make great memoires that they can cherish forever. Following the advice and tactics of Global Golf Connections Cancun and Mexican vacationers can avoid timeshare scams.d



Hotel Timeshare Scams


Global Golf Connections

Timeshare Scams Infiltrate Hotels

Global Golf Connections

Global Golf Connections Scam Unit advise hotels and resorts who need help against timeshare scam businesses who secretly operate on their grounds. Global Golf Connections complaint board is flooded with help requests from people who have been duped by misrepresentation or false information into buying/renting a timeshare. The Global Golf Connections help desk is available to provide assistance to people who have been victims of a timeshare scam.  Global Golf Connections believes that high profile five star hotels such as the Grand Mayan Palace, The Royal and Reef face a constant battle against timeshare scams who have infiltrated their hotels. Global Golf Connections believes that for such large resorts and hotels it is a big task to monitor all businesses that operate on their premises.

The Global Golf Connections Scam Unit has investigate complaints of timeshare scams within major resorts and hotels. Global Golf Connections are in contact will hotels that believe they have fraudulent timeshare companies in their resort. It is hard to prove whether or not a timeshare business is legitimate or fraudulent.

Contact Global Golf Connections Scam Unit to investigate fraud or timeshare scams” Global Golf Connections, CEO

Reporting timeshare scams to Global Golf Connections is the only way that we can investigate the situation. Therefore if you are the victim of a scam or you believe that perhaps you are in a fraudulent contract negotiation, then contact our offices for immediate assistance and advice. Help Global Golf Connects Anti-Scam-Unit by reporting timeshare misrepresentations, elongated and high pressured timeshare presentations. Global Golf Connections is dedicated to building a better timeshare industry, without scams and fraud and where consumers can trust in the timeshare businesses that serve them

If you are interested in buying a timeshare or perhaps you are a timeshare owner who would like to upgrade or purchase additional weeks. Contact Global Golf Connections to conduct business in a safe fraud free environment.